Beyond Borders – Activity 1.4 Analyses and Reports

Start: October 1, 2018
End: Jan 1, 2019
Location: Tirana

During October – December 2018 the project team with the assistance of the Expert hired for this part worked in Albania in developing “Benchmarking Analyses” though the desk research and also information gained from the field research on sustainability of tourism and cultural and natural heritage.

In December 13, 2019 the project team met with the Municipality of Mat to discuss about the “Desk research” on benchmarking analyses as well as on the problems and mitigation strategy. The project team discussed on the capacity building limitations and the potential activities to mitigate the needs.

  Potential Capacity building Activities
Identified limitations Increasing community capacities with focus on individual Increasing community capacities at community level Increasing community capacities at organizational level
Lack of community participation in policy-making process on tourism development Training Designing of promotional activities of tourism-related businesses and their services, culinary and gastronmic traditions.
Lack of power balance between local government and communities Development of promotional activities for local products Training

Designing of promotional activities of typical local products

Lack of tourist knowledge Training Training Designing of promotional activities in all territory including natural area with biodiversity values
Short-term programmes for financing local activities on tourism Designing of promotional activities of cultural and historical heritage Designing of tourism locations, mapping of natural and tourism resources

Outputs of this stage are 5 studies

  1. Study on Sustainability of tourism in CBC region MK-AL, in which focus is put on influence of tourism on sustainability on one hand, and possibilities to use sustainable practices in tourism activities on other hand.
  2. Study on Cultural and natural heritage in CBC region MK-AL, in which in depth analysis were made assessing the cultural and natural heritage and the tourism opportunities. In this study 389 citizens from the CBC region MK-AL participated.
  3. Study on Supply of available tourist services and tourism potential in CBC region MK-AL, in which focus is put on analysis the status quo and tourism potential (related to type of services and products, use of electronic commerce, life-cycle of tourism services and products, travel infrastructure, etc.).
  4. Study on Profile of domestic and international tourists in CBC region MK-AL and their needs and satisfaction, where in depth analysis were made (analysing socio demographic characteristics, travel motivations and expectations, overall experience, factors influencing destination choice, activities undertaken while on holiday, etc.).
  5. Study on CBC region MK-AL tourism segmentation and profiling tourism segments, in which in depth analysis were made to understand different travel consumers and specific segmentation of the tourism market in the CBC region MK-AL.



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