Beyond Borders – Activity 1.5 Benchmarking Analysis

Start: October 1, 2018
End: January 1, 2019,
Location: Tirana

In January 2019 the final step of the research were designed on the activities of the project territory (Municipalities of Mat, Diber, Bulqize, Klos, in Albania), which can strengthen tourism sector capacities and skills, considering that the cross border Region, beyond administrative borders.  Activities enable networking among tourism key stakeholders, and enhance the position of tourism industry as borderless driver of economic development for cross-border communities. Activities will strengthen the cross border cooperation among local stakeholders including communities on business, social and personal level by creating joint tourism niches between the municipalities in the cross-border region of Mat, Diber, Bulqize, Klos (Alb), and Debar (FYRoM).

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