Cross Border FYROM-Albania – Beyond Borders

Cross Border FYROM-Albania – Beyond Borders

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Detailed description of project

Main goal: To introduce smart tourism and sharing economy concept based on more innovative and efficient use of endogenous cultural and natural resources and existing human capital

Key objectives:

  1. To stimulate usage of ICT technology in tourism sector and adapt current business models to fit to latest trends;
  2. To strengthen tourism sector thinking in the region going beyond administrative borders and enable networking among tourism key stakeholders;
  3. To enhance the position of tourism industry as borderless driver of economic development for cross-border communities;

To deepen cooperation among communities on business, social and personal level by creating joint tourism niches between the municipalities in the cross-border region (Mat, Diber, Bulqize, Klos, Debar and Ohrid Lake Region).

Period: 01/12/2017-02/28/2020

Donor: EU

Lead: Local Development Agency

Partner: Biologists of Albania, Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy, Skopje from Macedonia, Mati Municipality

Download the leaflet of the project