Bio-tourism – Stakeholder’s training in Korca

Date: Sep 20, 2013
Location: Region Council

The project BIOTOURISM – Innovative Practices in Biotourism emerged as a natural consequence of the need for a coordinated economic cooperation between Greece and Albania in order to promote sustainable economic development with a view to further expanding the cooperation on common business initiatives for the support of the local communities of Korca in Albania and Prespa in Greece. Funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece – Albania IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013” and by National Funds of Greece and Albania, the project run from April 2011 until December 2013.

Bio-tourism – Case study > Prespa

Training workshop on Bio-tourism & Marketing, case study > Prespa

Duration: 27-28 June, 2013
Location: Prespa, Greece

The training took place in Prespa in June 27, 28 and brought together stakeholders from Prespa Region from different layers of the society including: local authorities, business, NGOs, farmers etc. The focus were the following topics: Continue reading