Awareness Raising in Prespa National Park

Awareness Raising of the community of the Prespa National Park on the water quality through the Monitoring of Biological and Chemical Indicators

The aim of the project was to make aware the population concerned in the Prespa National Park on the impact of the agriculture and urban pollution in the water quality. The project team evaluated the actual status of the water quality at Prespa National Park through an accurate study of the biological and chemical indicators and established chemical parameters as conductivity, Ph and oxygen demand. The results of the environmental status of the water were used for conducting an awareness education campaign in the surrounding communities. Through very accurate pollution data, more than 100.000 people were informed on the environmental status of the water and the need to pay accurate attention to the pollution generated resources, including the identification and prioritisation of the role and obligation of different relevant parts of the community

Lead Partner: Biologists of Albania

Donor: GEF Albania

Duration period: 20.02.2008-20.2.2010

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