Beyond Borders – Activity 1.2 Create Database for the stakeholders

Start: May 1, 2018
End: August 1, 2018
Location: Mat, Diber, Klos, Bulqize

In May- July 2018 the project team in cooperation with the Municipalities or Mat, Diber, Bulqize and Klos, identified 50 relevant stakeholders (tourism related public and private institutions, tourist providers, hotels, local accommodation centres, tourist guides, restaurants, local food suppliers for the tourism sector (farms), on the project territory (Municipalities of Mat, Diber, Bulqize, Klos, in Albania) relevant to tourism market.

Project team visited the project target area and meet with the Mayor of the Mat Municipality and Municipality representatives in Bulqize, Klos and Diber in 11 and 12 of June 2018.Project team worked in making the Project target area Maps of Bulqiza, Mat, Klos and Diber. Maps below.


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