Beyond Borders – Activity 2.3.1. Training on “Green and Sustainable Tourism”

20 March 2019

Training helps the local business representatives to efficiently use their resources, develop strategy for energy and waste management, develop “green” brands such as Fully-Verified, focus their activities toward sustainability. Nine Albanian representatives from Bulqiza, Mat, Diber and Klos took part in this Training.

Training themes:

  • General introduction to what is green and sustainable tourism. Best practices in the cross-border region;
  • What is not sustainable and green tourism? Examples the cross-border region;
  • Where to buy or/and how to produce environmentally friendly products;
  • How to use and prioritize sustainable practices in the businesses / experiences (Ecolabel system);
  • Practical exercises and analysis of the business and guidance for more effective management. Efficient use of resources, having in mind the impact on the environment (services and products).

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