Green Phone Service

Green Phone Services Networking in Albania

The overall objective of the project is to increase public participation in environmental protection in Albania through improving environmental information flow to the public and promote access to justice practices. Continue reading

Red Book of Albanian Flora and Fauna

Production of the second edition of the Red Book of Albanian Flora and Fauna for primary school level of education.

The red book for Albanian Flora and fauna adapted for the Albanian primary school level, is an important awareness tool useful for the teachers and students of the primary schools to be aware and informed about the endangered and species in Albania as well as on the methods used for their protection. The project was managed in cooperation with the Regional Environmental Centre (REC) and the Ministry of environment and forestry. Continue reading

Improvement of the quality of teaching

Improvement of the Quality of Teaching in the Basic Education Level in the Albanian schools.

The project aimed at increasing the capacities of the specialists of the Regional Directorates of Education and of the trained local teachers to plan and conduct a chain of trainings called “cascade trainings” for school principals and teachers of 13 regions of Albania and to watchdog and assist teachers in the course of the teaching process. Continue reading