Green schools, Cleaner environment, Healthier life

Overall objective contributes to increased awareness and understanding of the young generation in the cross-border areas between Albania and Macedonia on environmental development issues and influence their friendly behaviour towards the protection, promotion and management of natural resources.

The specific objective aims at improved environmental education of students in 16 primary and secondary schools in bordering areas between Albania and Macedonia, through an improved curricula that equips students with better skills in addressing practical environmental problems.

Estimated results include:

  1. Improved curricula on environmental issues related to energy, waste and water in 16 schools in Albania and Macedonia;
  2. Schools capacities to implement the Manual and competences enhanced;
  3. Behaviour changed and more environmental friendly attitude in schools
  4. Better environmental performance in schools through small competitions and campaigning;
  5. Increased cooperation among schools, parents, communities;
  6. Increased regional dialogue and networking through a Cross-Border

Regional Eco-Schools Network.

Project leader: Biologists of Albania
Partner: OXO Macedonia
Duration period: 01/09/2013-02/28/2015

Products of the Green Schools project: Kole Koci, M & E MinarolliDhimitraq Gjata (Rembec)Sheme MahmutllariShefki Mucllari, Pandeli CaleMuharrem VeiziMesonjetorja e 1 Shqipe

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