Improvement of the quality of teaching

Improvement of the Quality of Teaching in the Basic Education Level in the Albanian schools.

The project aimed at increasing the capacities of the specialists of the Regional Directorates of Education and of the trained local teachers to plan and conduct a chain of trainings called “cascade trainings” for school principals and teachers of 13 regions of Albania and to watchdog and assist teachers in the course of the teaching process.

The project objectives were:

  • to improve the teaching process through qualitative trainings for school principals and teachers;
  • to increase the participation of children by encouraging the participation of the network of the “children senates”.

The cooperation for this project ranged from the Central level – Ministry of Education, to the local level, and further to the community at large. There were trained more than 200 teachers and a publication on the “Improvement of the teaching quality in the basic education level” was issued and distributed to all the participants in the trainings, and was kept as a reference materials for all other trainings provided at this level.

Lead partner: Biologists of Albania
Donor: Save the Children
Duration period: 01.01.2008-01.01.2009

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