Green Pack Education

Promotion of Green Pack Education Materials at School Level – Primary Schools.

The Green Pack is composed of various materials of environmental education, aimed at teachers and students of primary schools of Albania. It is a fully integrated information package with the existing officially recognised educational curricula at the state level on the subjects of biology, chemistry, civic education. This is a supplementary information with special environmental focus covering the basic education level. In the framework of the promotion of this educational tool, our organisation was part of the preparation of the ToT curricula targeting 150 school teachers and delivering of 8 trainings. The whole promotion process was designed as a campaign type and our organisation took part in the promotion of such a curricula at school level in Tirana, Durres and Fier.

Lead partner: Biologists of Albania
Donor: REC Albania
Duration period: 01.07.2007-31.12.2008

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