SMM Nature news : Official start of the pilot action

Official start of the pilot action at the end of August 2013 for the Greek side and September 2013 for the Albanian side
Pilots have a number of preflight duties. A pilot’s initial responsibility is to check the weather throughout the flight path and confirm flight schedules. Pilots are also responsible for running a comprehensive preflight checklist of all systems, including fuel, engines, hydraulics and electronics. A pilot must make sure that any cargo is loaded and that the weight is properly distributed in the aircraft. Lastly, a pilot must contact the control tower for takeoff instructions.

Look at Daily Tasks Aloft
A pilot’s primary duty is to fly the aircraft from point of origin to destination, including takeoff and landing. Commercial airline pilots often have copilots to assist with navigation, but in smaller aircraft, navigating the aircraft is also required, as is monitoring the engines, fuel and FlyBy other systems during the flight. Pilots must stay in touch with the control tower after departure, and then contact the destination control tower as they approach to request landing permission and instructions.

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