ECO clubs in Korca and Pogradec

National educational activity for the ECO clubs in Korca and Pogradec

Start Time: Oct 31, 2014
End Time: Nov 4, 2014
Location: Korca and Pogradec, Albania

The activities will take place in Pandeli Cale School in Korca on 31 of October and Pogradec.  About 40 ECO Club members of the 4 green schools in Korca  will attend this event which will teach them about energy issues. The Green Lecture covering the energy issues will be given to  students with the purpose to generate debates among the ECO club members.  The same activity will take part in Pogradec  towards the end of the same week.  8 Grants contacts with the ECO clubs will also be signed in these activities.

TOT workshop – How to Green their schools?

TOT workshop of the Teachers of primary schools of Korça and Pogradec on “How to Green their schools?”

Start Time: 8-10 May, 2014
Location: Korca, Albania

The training took place in Korca in 8-10 May, 2014 and brought together 16 teachers from Korca and Pogradec primary schools. Training tought teachers on 6 steps on ” How to be come a green school ?”. Continue reading